2015 is a definitive year for electronic dance music duo, DANGERDISKO. Very much loved by fans as Kuala Lumpur’s friendly neighbourhood disco dudes, they continue their journey of musical evolution with more sound experimentations.
With a career that spans over eight years, Shaheed Naz and Robotron 5000 are more than ready to showcase their immaculate maturity with their evolving music styles. These musical geniuses have been wowing their fans with their sublime mix of nu disco, 80’s new wave, indie dance and of course, good old house music.
Their friendship and musical bond continued to thrive despite them going their own ways to explore their personal passions. With such a strong bond, they eventually got together in 2008 to form what the world knows as, Dangerdisko. Like many renowned artists, DANGERDISKO have definitely paid their dues. From early beginnings of creating tunes in a dusty bedroom studio in Subang Jaya, to collaborating with Malaysia’s legendary queen of jazz, Dato’ Sheila Majid, they have proven that the sky is the limit when it comes to their production style.
Their main mission has always been to set them apart from what everyone else was churning in the scene. Admittedly, the duo have always been heavily influenced by the iconic 80’s pop culture, throwback music and art. Dangerdisko have been working relentlessly to revive the glory days of spectacular synths and laser infused disco 80s.
Their credibility as overall electronic dance music artists is also evident in the shows they have performed. Their long list of gigs include, Future Music Festival Asia, Urbanscapes, Good Vibes Festival, and Heineken Thirst Tour among others. Dangerdisko have also had the opportunity to spread their good vibes across regions with tours in North America, Hong Kong, and Indonesia under their list of destinations.
2015 is indeed a definitive year for Dangerdisko. With their debut album finally making it into the equation, it is the perfect time for them to indulge in ultimate Hedonism. A music feature that encompasses past records and recently recorded ones, it not only relays their journey thus far, it is also one to define Shaheed Naz and Robotron 5000 as legitimately talented individuals.
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